Impossible? Really, our national airline promoting a meatless burger and television jumping in by featuring it on prime time. No, it seems not impossible, but an incredible kick in the teeth for our meat producers out there working to boost our regional and national economy.

Red meat has been a staple in our family forever. Hubby is a meat and three vege man, although we do roam into the realm of vegetable frittata, but with some bacon, so the meat never escapes. Even mac and cheese is usually boosted with bacon. Of course, we eat chicken and fish, but red meat brings the cows home at our place.

So to see our national carrier Air New Zealand boosting about it's impossible burgers, well, never a truer monika given to anything. Impossible, hubby says of fake meat and impossible he reckons to support an airline which doesn't support hardworking farmers and meat workers in its country of origin.

Apparently supporters of the impossible burger say it's environmentally friendly. But for heaven's sake how environmentally friendly is the airline flight to San Francisco where the burger is served?


I'm all for alternatives. But not in my meat, butter, cheese and milk. I can cope with dairy free yoghurt and almond milk as that's what our dairy intolerent Princess Pippa has to have.

She loves it, especially when nana buys her favourite boysenberry flavoured coconut yoghurt from the supermarket. I get her full attention when I arrive home with this treat.

Everyone is going to dine out on this debate forever, but I'll stick to my red meat, it lifts my iron levels and gives me enough energy to complain bitterly about the impossible burger.