Air New Zealand caused a stir this week by promoting the Impossible burger, a meat-free product created by American company, Impossible Foods.

The national airline has faced criticism over this decision for not promoting New Zealand food, along with championing a product that is in direct competition with the country's primary industries.

Rural Commentator Don Carson spoke to The Country's Jamie Mackay, saying he agrees with the criticism of Air New Zealand, as they are promoting what he calls "an inferior product."

"The whole synthetic meat is an attempt to replicate the great qualities of meat with something that comes out of a vat. So it is not a innovative product choice, it is an inferior substitution."


Carson is the PR man for the New Zealand Forest Owners Association, and says a recent commercial for the group has got into hot water with Air New Zealand, as it displays the tail of one of the aeroplanes, "for a fraction of a second."

Also in today's' interview: Don Carson talks about FMG Young Farmer Grand Final.

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