Earlier this year New Zealand nurses Ruth McLean and partner Glenn Horrocks engineered a huge life change.

From living and working in bustling inner-city Melbourne they chose instead to settle in the small village of Hunterville, live in a bright-blue house bus (with a chimney and a pot belly stove) and open a business selling organic New Zealand products.

Humblebee Market is on the main road through Hunterville and is a spacious old building surrounded by a courtyard with ample space for outdoor seating and their distinctive blue bus parked along the side.

McLean said they had also bought 3.23ha across the road and are building a mudhouse out of car tyres.


"We fell in love with Hunterville. The people are so helpful and friendly we feel right at home already.''

While McLean runs the shop Horrocks works part-time as a radiology nurse in Palmerston North.

Their array of products though not vast as yet is fascinating and quirky with foodie wares ranging from pots of fig preserves, and fennel and bergamot jam which is exciting and totally delicious according to Ruth.

"The taste is gorgeous especially on a piece of toast.''

Even their range of gluten free, dairy breads stand out especially the new favourite -cricket bread.

"It's made from a flour of ground up crickets and is very popular.''

A beautiful range of plant-based soaps including a popular aniseed and smooth luxurious honey-based soap are loved by customers, McLean said.

One young enterprising local youth is developing his own fruit and vegetable seeds and brings in several tiny packets each week for McLean to sell.


"He's only 17, is home schooled and he decided to set up his own business. I was delighted to do business with him.''

McLean is constantly searching throughout New Zealand for unique products.

"It's exciting to find so many people out there developing beautiful products.''

Not forgetting a main feature of the market shop, Henry the fox terrier.

"He's a rescue dog from Melbourne and there was no way we would have not brought him with us. He's part of the family.''