A wet start to Fieldays may have slowed things for a while, but many exhibitors reported that business was going well.

Cory Batt, who works at Husqvarna as a salesman, said: "Today started off a wee bit slow, obviously due to the weather. It's picked up really well now."

They had plenty of people on site to deal with the influx of people.

The Thursday forecast was for reasonable weather and Batt hoped it would bring in more people.


Anton Meier, another business owner who works for Flexi Tanks NZ, said business had been "really good", on the back of solid marketing over several years at Fieldays.

"We've had customers come to see us because they know what they want by now."

Kim, who works for DeLaval, said: "It was supposed to be raining but it's not raining. We're very excited that a few more people are coming through now. A lot of people through this morning. It seems to still be steady for us."

Leonie Johnson works for Blue Pacific Minerals and manages their marketing. The company processes New Zealand minerals such as Zeolite and Perlite into commercial products around the world.

"Business has been very quiet. I think the rain put people off," she said.