Trying to stop the spread of Mycoplasma bovis can be a complicated process, with some confusion around winter grazing and Gypsy Day, where stock is moved between farms.

Central-Southland vet Mark Bryan spoke to The Country's Jamie Mackay and Andy Thompson in a bid to answer some questions surrounding Mycoplasma bovis.

What happens if you send animals away to grazing and while they're there some other animals are classed as infected? Do your animals become infected and can you bring them back home?

Bryan says farms that are under restriction, (Infected Properties (IPs), Restricted Place (RP) and Notices of Direction (NOD), can only move to other restricted farms.


"So if you're a grazier and you're thinking of taking cows from somebody who is under a NOD, those cows can only move to a grazing block that is also under a NOD."

Bryan goes on to explain, "If I'm wanting to take your cows Andy; you're under a NOD, and I'm a grazier and I'm not under a NOD - the only way I can take those cows is to become under a NOD."

What happens if a portion of your herd is out grazing but some animals at home test positive - can you bring your animals back to your farm and are they then part of a NOD?

Bryan confirms that this is the case - the animals brought back to the original farm (which is now under a NOD), "would then fall under that NOD."

For more information on Mycoplasma bovis, go to DairyNZ's website here.

Also in today's interview: Mark Bryan gives his opinion on whether Mycoplasma bovis should be eradicated or managed and discusses concerns raised about using a distant vet on-farm.

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