Regular listeners to The Country will be familiar with The Two Farmer Js, a couple of rural correspondents who are not known for holding back when it comes to speaking their minds.

A particularly spirited rant from one Farmer J, (Jason Uden), has caught the attention of another person who is known for straight-talking - President of Federated Farmers, Katie Milne.

Milne spoke to The Country's Jamie Mackay after hearing Uden's interview last week in which he called the Federated Farmers "a bunch of dicks," for opposing the NAIT bill when it was proposed in 2010.

Milne questions Uden "going back nine years and digging up and old submission," saying there were many other reasons for Federated Farmers' position at that time.


Federated Farmers is supportive of farmer's who are dealing with Mycoplasma bovis compensation says Milne.

"We're working very hard behind the scenes and have been on MPI's case the whole way through about how slow the compensation is and so on."

Listen below: