It's the Best of The Country with Jamie Mackay and Rabobank.

This week's top interviews were:

Tony Laker:

Courtesy of our travel partners here on The Country, we preview our Southern USA Farming and Sightseeing Tour which departs November 7 on a 15 day first-class coach tour of Houston, Louisville, Lexington, Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans.


Derek Daniell – Part 1:

In part one of a two part interview, a leading New Zealand sheep breeder comments on his on-line column "The Blame Game" saying farmers are scapegoats and when it comes to GHG emissions the problem is the burgeoning human population not methane emitting ruminants.

Derek Daniell – Part 2:

In part two of a two part interview, a leading New Zealand sheep breeder says without nitrogen fertilisers the world's farmers could only feed three billion people and that 40% of the world's food is produced under irrigation

Emma Higgins:

Rabobank's dairy analyst comments on the second to last GDT Event for the 2017/18 production season saw the GDT Price Index down -1.1% to USD 3,465 tonne. Softer WMP prices saw the average WMP price land 1.5% lower to USD 3,231/tonne.

Winston Peters:

The Minister for Foreign Affairs does not welcome the Donald Trump comparison nor does he accept that the anti-farming Greens have more sway in the Labour-led coalition than pro-provinces New Zealand First.

Dr Doug Edmeades:

Is a controversial Hamilton-based soil scientist who reckons we run the risk of heading back to the Dark Ages following recent government decisions on irrigation and oil and gas exploration.

Listen below: