The number of farm sales has fallen 11 per cent over the past three months which is putting a "little bit of pressure on value," says Peter Newbold.

The GM of PGG Wrightson Real Estate caught up with The Country's Jamie Mackay for his monthly rural real estate report and to look into possible reasons for the drop in sales.

Although it's not the only factor for a decline in farm sales, cattle disease Mycoplasma bovis definitely hasn't helped says Newbold.

"I think it's affecting sales, it's not the only probably need to have a look at a whole lot of other things whether it's banking or weather or values etc."


Newbold says political interference is "definitely" affecting sales and suggests keeping overseas buyers out of the market will have an impact on large dairy farm purchases

Also in today's interview: Peter Newbold looks into whether the current good dairy commodity prices will flow on to good dairy farm prices plus he gives an overview of the rural real estate market.

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