Catch up on the best of the week with Rabobank and Jamie Mackay.

Here are this week's top interviews on The Country:

John Fagan:

We talk to New Zealand's only agrarian 'Double All Black', a man who has claimed both the Golden Shears and the Golden Pliers titles.


Damien O'Connor:

The Minister for Agriculture updates the infected M. bovis farm count and defends the Labour coalition government's stance on large scale irrigation schemes.

Sir Brian Lochore:

We catch up with our Roving North Island Farming Ambassador in Nelson where he reflects, 50 years on, on the Wahine storm and the passing of his 1968 All Blacks mate Fergie McCormick.

Dr Jacqueline Rowarth:

The former chief scientist for the Environmental Protection Authority takes issue with Greenpeace for wanting to halve dairy and beef consumption by 2050 and at the government for no longer funding large-scale irrigation schemes.

Blake Holgate:

Rabobank's Animal Proteins Analyst looks at the prospects for our $3 billion beef industry and how they're being affected by world climatic conditions.

Simon Bridges:

The National Party leader condemns Labour's decision to end further off-shore oil exploration, with no new onshore permits outside Taranaki, labelling it "economic vandalism that makes no environmental sense.

Listen below: