New Zealand ''Water and Light'' is the theme for the 2018 New Zealand Biodynamic conference in June and more than 100 people from throughout the country are expected to attend the three-day event in Clyde and Wanaka.

Local convener Su Hoskin, of Wanaka, is an organic and biodynamic facilitator for Vinewise Viticulture.

''This year we [the association] decided to have our conference in Central Otago, as there is quite a lot of activity in the biodynamic world here,'' she said.

She said the theme seemed particularly appropriate for the region, given it had lakes and wide open spaces.


''We are trying to showcase the two quite diverse parts of the region, Wanaka and Clyde.''

The conference will take place during the winter solstice.

The conference includes a pre-event workshop at The Orchard Garden, Clyde, on June 21, which provides an introduction to biodynamics.

She said topics covered include all the important basics such as compost preparations and making and the biodynamic calendar.

The conference will begin the following day, again at The Orchard Garden.

''There will be 15 speakers from all over New Zealand.

''Keynote speakers include Thea Marie Carlson, from the Biodynamics Association of North America.''

Ms Hoskin said there would be some star gazing.

''The Alexandra observatory will be lending us telescopes, which is appropriate, as biodynamics use the moon calendar and cosmic rhythms.

''Kyra Xavia, from Dunedin, will be talking about the dark skies, and Ian Griffin, from the Otago Museum, will be talking about auroras and lights in the sky.''

Herbalist and author Isla Burgess, of Queensberry, will also be a guest speaker.

In addition, Ian Trousdale will be speaking from China, during a webinar.

They also have Sam Mahon, an artist from Christchurch, and Mike Ward, a former Green Party MP, from Nelson.

''It will also be a good opportunity for the community to get together and network as well,'' she said.

There will also be a couple of open days on a nut orchard near Cromwell, and a saffron and organic apply property near Cromwell.

The conference will move to Wanaka for the Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets to the conference will be available this week.

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