A cull of geese at Lake Horowhenua was cancelled on Saturday due to "operational matters," the local council says.

A Lake Domain Board meeting last October had asked Horowhenua District Council for help getting rid of Canada geese and other poultry at Muaupoko Park, because of their effect on the environment, including birds defecating close to the lake and contributing to nitrogen levels.

Council's Property and Parks Manager Arthur Nelson said the geese, along with chickens and roosters that lived at the park would be shot, but as some of the bird species in the area were protected under the Wildlife Act, only the correct birds would be killed.

In Kapiti, 45 geese were recently removed from Waimanu Lagoon in Waikanae, and rehomed by animal charity HUHA to avoid culling, however Mr Nelson said there was no plan for the birds at Lake Horowhenua, although the option was possible.


"Council would be open to consult with voluntary organisations who might suggest alternative options," he said.

Mr Nelson said no new date for a cull had been set, but council officers would be working with the Lake Domain Board to resolve the outstanding issues resulting in Saturday's cancellation.

"[Council must] ensure that the cull takes place in a manner that ensures optimum public safety while minimising unnecessary disruption to lake users," he said.