Today The Country takes a look into the escalating trade war between the United States and China.

On with the show:

Mike Petersen:

The New Zealand Special Trade Envoy talks to Jamie Mackay about the escalating trade war between the United States and China and what it could mean for New Zealand's Primary Industries.


Chris Russell:

Today our Aussie correspondent gives us an update on the Commonwealth Games, the Saputo takeover of Murray Goulburn and the Smith/Warner/Bancroft mea culpa. Most importantly he tells us why kangaroos like pinot noir!

Joe Wheeler and Peter Reidie:

Our favourite Highlander Joey Wheeler gives us a mid-season review of all things Super Rugby and discusses potential All Blacks bolters with Farmlands' CEO Peter Reidie.

James Shaw:

The Green Party leader talks about the upcoming announcement of a co-leader this Sunday and the infrastructure transport issues facing New Zealand.

Jim Hopkins:

Our Rural Raconteur talks traffic jams, fuel tax and berates Jamie for not attending the Commonwealth Games - even though Mackay was in Adelaide.

Listen below: