Heavy rainfall has been causing problems for farmers in Hawke's Bay and Jeremy Rookes is no exception.

The Central Hawke's Bay farmer says that he was hit with 291ml "which is quite a lot of rain to have in a bit over a day," and that there have been "big, big numbers out on the coast."

Rookes had just finished sowing out a paddock on the back of the ranch on a steep hill and is pleased to report that it is remarkably intact despite the deluge.

"You've just got to look at the positives and say we're going to have a blinding Autumn," says Rookes who has decided to remain upbeat about the situation.


Jason Uden is on his way to the Hilux New Zealand Rural Games in Palmerston North where he is in charge of a barbecue to fundraise for addiction services.

"If you see some dork frying up sausages, come over and say hello and buy a sausage and it will go to a good charity."

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