Taranaki farmers have had a tough time with severe weather recently, having endured drought-like conditions in summer and then the effects of Cyclone Gita.

Many farmers are struggling with a lack of feed due to the extreme weather conditions which prompted Federated Farmers to put out the call to the rest of the country for donations.

Since then they have been overwhelmed with feed donations from Oamaru to Auckland and FMG and Farmlands have put in $5000 toward transport costs.

Jessie Waite from Federated Farmers Taranaki spoke to The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum saying the response has been "fantastic."


"We had a member advisory go out last week and within an hour we had five donations come in and it was extremely humbling. We've had such a good response."

Waite says that many farmers around the country have also offered their support.

"It's not only the feed that's been available, it's actually...that moral support being given by these farmers saying 'Hey, we're here we know you're in a bad situation but we're here to help and support you,' and I think that's a really key message."

Waite says they need more applications for feed and urges Taranaki farmers to reach out.

If you wish to donate or receive feed you can find out more here.

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