For all the complaints and rules, fish heads and frames are still being dumped on Far North beaches, according to the Karikari Panui.

"We've had a number of reports that this is still happening," editor Leena Taylor said.

Northland Regional Council's coastal plan prohibited depositing of litter and other solid domestic and industrial contaminants on to the foreshore or seabed, or into coastal waters.

The council said it included fish heads and frames, some of which could come ashore from boats.


Maritime New Zealand rules prohibited disposal of most types of rubbish, including bottles, cans, cooking oil and ropes at sea. Boat owners and operators are responsible for ensuring all rubbish and contaminated water was contained and appropriately disposed of on land.

"The booklet Boating in Northland, available from the NRC in Kaitaia, has more information," Ms Taylor said.

"This little booklet is well worth getting. For example, it also sets out the code of conduct for kiteboarding in Northland.

In relation to other beach users, it says 'When kiteboarding away from the beach, start downwind of other water users or over 50m away from them,' and 'do not jump/perform tricks within 50m of the beach or within 50m of anyone downwind of you.'