Today The Country coincides with the start of this year's Superbowl, so be prepared to hear plenty of Justin Timberlake and Pink, who are performing at the big event.

On with the show:

Phil Duncan and Andy Thompson:

As The Country kicks off today, Monday's resident Weather Watch expert joins a man in the middle of last week's tempest on the West Coast to discuss a weird and woeful week of weather.

Rod Slater:


The chief executive of Beef + Lamb New Zealand goes in to bat for New Zealand farmers after a newspaper article suggested environmental sustainability concerns were putting the heat on meat, with rapidly declining domestic consumption of beef and, particularly, lamb.

David Broome and Don Nicolson:

Today's panel features two former Feds with a love of farming but with differing political agendas. Topics include 'Veganuary', 'Februdairy' and Fonterra's 'dog with fleas'.

Ian Handcock:

The Coromandel-based farm consultant, rural coach and the driving force behind the Fit4Farming movement previews the cycle event being run in conjunction with the Hilux NZ Rural Games on Friday March 9 in Feilding to raise awareness for rural mental health and wellbeing.

Listen below: