First there was drought, now there is flooding - today The Country asks the people of New Zealand - how is the weather where you are?

On with the show:

Bronwyn Muir:

The immediate past president of Taranaki Federated Farmers and the Managing Director of OnFarmSafety talks about yet another tragic on-farm quad bike death.


Bill English:

We ask the former PM if he's about to be the former leader of the National Party?

Andy Thompson:

We head to a very windy West Coast to discuss why Westland Milk Products is stealing a march on Fonterra - with a former All Black captain leading the charge.

Chris Russell:

Our Australian correspondent talks about farmers getting naked for mental health and why wool and wine are set to shine!

James Shaw:

The Green Party leader delivers a state of the planet speech and we ask who's going to be his new co-leader?

Jim Hopkins:

Is a rural raconteur who wants to celebrate summer rather than moan about it.

Listen below: