Although Joseph Abernethy lives in town, he has raised a calf every year for seven years.

It's all thanks to Janet Macky, who lets local children raise calves on her Paterangi farm.

For the last 30 years she's given the opportunity to countless children - between five and 28 each year.

"As long as I'm fit and able, and as long as there's interested kids, I'll keep doing it," she says.


"I feed the calves which live on my farm - the kids do the rest. They pick their calf, teach it to lead and learn all about it."

She says the opportunity teaches children important life skills like dedication and patience.

The hard work has paid off for 13-year-old Joseph, of Paterangi School.

Joseph and his Montbéliarde calf, named Monty, won an assortment of ribbons this year.
At Paterangi School's ag day he placed first and reserve champion in rearing, second in leading and second in beef type.

He shared the overall German Rose Bowl - a prize based on a point system for leading and rearing - with fellow pupil Alex West.

Joseph went on to the Mt Pirongia Group Day at Ngutunui Enviroschool and placed first in rearing, first in beef type and second in leading.

His success continued at the Waikato A&P show where he placed first in rearing, second in leading and third in dairy type.