It's the whole show in one go! Today The Country is brought to you by shearing, which gives Jamie and Dom the excuse to play some Cher. Geddit?

On with the show:

Mike Lord and Andrew Hoggard:

We talk to two Federated Farmers about the battle facing the rural community as a result of recent large-scale flooding and snow events. Farmers needing help can call 0800 327 646.


Phil Duncan:

Monday's resident weather expert warns of some more wet weather coming our way and says the 'Outlook for Thursday' is not flash!

Fenton Wilson:

We give away a brand new Honda TRX500FM2 four wheeler, valued at $17,995, to a Northern Hawkes Bay sheep and beef farmer who's desperate to break up with his old bike!

Jack Fagan:

We head to the UK to preview tonight's world record shearing attempt by Hawkes Bay shearer Rowland Smith as he attempts to shear more than 605 strong-wool ewes in an eight hour day.

Doug Avery:

There is a must-read book being released next titled The Resilient Farmer. We talk to the man behind the inspirational story.

Listen to the full interview in the Soundcloud embed below: