A decade ago Norsewood resident and teacher Mike Stone created a feijoa cookbook and a trollberry wine to market the feijoas from his orchard.

Ten years on, his business, Stonepress, has sold more than 8000 copies of the book, mainly through NZ bookshops, but Mike is hoping an e-book for the American market will soon be popular.

Diane Cavis, from Wisconsin, USA, has recently visited her daughter Marni Cavis, owner of Culinary Vista in Woodville. Diane and Marni have been working together to modify The Feijoa Recipe Book for the American kitchen as it will soon be turned into an e-book for the west coast of America, where feijoas are grown from San Francisco south.

The book needs to feature imperial measurements and terms such as "desiccated coconut" are unfamiliar to the American cook.