It's the whole show in one go! Today The Country is brought to you by the name John. This of course is due to Prime Minister John Key's shock announcement yesterday that he is resigning. How come BFF Jamie Mackay wasn't aware of this? Is it due to a salacious scandal as Dom George is hoping?

If this wasn't enough excitement The Country had a surprise visit from Nathan "The Oracle" Penny who is keen for naysayer Jamie to eat his hat after the $6 payout became a reality!

On with the show: First up it's a political report from Barry Soper, who was in a plane just about take off when he received the news that our PM had thrown in the towel!

Next we have Labour's Primary Industry Spokesman Damien O'Connor to talk about the future of farming and for Jamie to try and bait him into praising John Key...


Nathan "The Pollyanna Oracle" Penny popped in today on his "National Gloating Tour" to force-feed Jamie a cake shaped like a hat...and talk finance of course...

Then we catch up with our rural health expert Bernie McKone who walking around Kaikoura, checking out the damage post earthquakes.

Finally it's panel time next with Jane Smith and Nadine Porter.

Today's topics include John Key, earthquake recovery, The FMG Young Farmer Competition and what's happening on the farm.