This week on the Best of The Country, Jamie Mackay caught up with Rabobank's new chairman Andy Borland.

This week's top interviews were:

Todd Muller:

We ask National's Agriculture Spokesman if the cure is potentially worse than the disease and where is the ethical line in the sand between saving lives verses the health of the economy? Plus we debate whether politicians should be fronting up in Wellington and discuss how the kiwifruit and dairy industries are faring in the face of a global recession.


Greg Turner:

To recognise what would have been Radio Sport's 22 birthday today, we go into bat for the nation's 600,000 golfers. Plus we ask a very deep-thinking Kiwi about the way forward for New Zealand out of Covid-19.

Andy Borland:

We welcome the new chairman of Rabobank on to The Country , discuss his extensive background in rural banking and look at his current role as chief executive of apple giant Scales Corp.

Lindy Nelson:

The founder of the Agri-Women's Development Trust looks at some of the real issues facing rural women in the lockdown.

Winston Peters:

The Deputy PM and NZ First leader is in vintage form as he deflects an upcoming birthday, calling the media ageist and comparing himself instead to a Messiah. Plus we question why Cabinet Ministers are not in Wellington and why we are not quarantining everyone at our border.


Listen below: