Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay explored the never-ending dry spreading throughout New Zealand and ventured to Shanghai for the latest on coronavirus.

On with the show:

Miles Hurrell:

Fonterra's chief executive agrees that last night's GDT auction (down 2.9 per cent) was a good result in light of coronavirus. We talk about Fonterra's people on the ground in China and look at milk volumes as the drought really begins to bite in the North Island.


Listen to Jamie's interview with Miles below:

Jacinda Ardern:

How do you solve a problem like Winston? Is he a clown? We ask the PM, plus ponder the other serious issues that are currently threatening New Zealand - namely coronavirus, drought and a lack of water.

Chris Brandolino:

We invite NIWA's chief weatherman on to the show for his weekly rain dance.

Hunter McGregor:

As promised, one week on from his last appearance on the show, we revisit an ex-pat Kiwi marketing red meat in Shanghai, who offers us a first-hand look at how coronavirus is affecting the Chinese economy.

Jim Hopkins:

Is a rural raconteur who has a crack at Winston and weevils, whilst singing the praises of water.

Listen below: