New Zealand shearing representative Troy Pyper completed a surprisingly-rare double when he won the Sefton Shears open shearing final on Sunday - 24 hours after winning the open final at the Cheviot A and P Show.

It was the first time in at least a decade that any shearer had won both of the North Canterbury finals in the same season.

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Pyper's wins came a week after he was the top New Zealander in a transtasman series win at the Golden Shears in Masterton, breaking a run of five consecutive Australian wins in the annual home-and-away matches.


In Masterton he was also third in the PGG Wrightson Wools National Circuit final.

The weekend pair, with a margin of more than four points over runner-up and Rangiora shearer Hugh De Lacy in both finals, takes Pyper to eight wins in open finals this season and a career total of 24.

Shearing the 10 Cheviot final sheep in 9min 35.21sec, he was the only shearer to go under a minute a sheep, putting a sheep round both others on the three-stand board.

It was a much closer race at Sefton where all three finalists cut the 12 sheep out in under 12 minutes, but quality points stretched the winning margin.

Third was Rangiora shearer Lyall Windleburn who on the previous weekend had struck while the cats were away at the Golden Shears and claimed his first open title with victory at the Amuri A and P Show.

There were two other North Canterbury shearing wins at Cheviot with Liam Norrie, of Cheviot, winning the senior final, and Ben Forrester, of Leithfield, claiming intermediate honours.

Alice Watson, of Blenheim, won a junior final which included Golden Shears junior finalist James Wilson, of Winton.

There was a small and purely local entry in the Cheviot woolhandling, the last woolhandling competition of the season in the South Island.


Open winner Kelly Macdonald, who has battled to keep the woolhandling going at the show, said: "The future hopefully will become better. I hope to get it on the South Island circuit next season, as it is the only one not on it currently."

She said the locals are the only ones that keep it alive, so recently she went to Mendip Station where the sheep come from, and spent about three hours training-up locals who mainly had not competed previously.

"It would be good if we could get more open competitors to come so there's more excitement for the lower grade locals," she said.

At Sefton the senior shearing final was won by Winton shearer Brandon Maguire Ratima, a week after his Golden Shears Senior final win in Masterton, and Brayden Clifford, of Waikaka, won the intermediate final on the back of a second placing at the Golden Shears.

Ashburton shearer Chase Rattray won the junior final, and blades honours went to Noel Handley, of Rangiora.

Results from the Cheviot A and P Show Shears on Saturday, March 14, 2020:



Open final (10 sheep): Troy Pyper (Amberley) 9min 35.21sec, 34.5605pts, 1; Hugh De Lacy (Rangiora) 11min 2.44sec, 39.522pts, 2; Luke McCarthy (Cheviot) 10min 47.22sec, 43.961pts, 3.

Senior final (8 sheep): Liam Norrie (Cheviot) 11min 47.44sec, 40.747pts, 1; Duncan Higgins (Blenheim) 11min 41.75sec, 42.5875pts, 2; Sam Thompson (Waipara) 11min 0.84sec, 52.917pts, 3.

Intermediate final (4 sheep): Ben Forrester (Leithfield) 12min 10.28sec, 41.514pts, 1; Kelly Poehls (Rangiora) 12min 58.97sec, 46.6152pts, 2; Tim Hicks (Marton) 12min 23.5sec, 48.5083pts, 3.

Junior final (3 sheep): Alice Watson (Blenheim) 6min 35.13sec, 25.7565pts, 1; Chase Rattray (Ashburton) 5min 28sec, 27.7333pts, 2; James Wilson (Winton) 6min 17.13sec, 30.5232pts, 3.


Open: Kelly Macdonald (Cheviot) 14.43pts, 1; Maringi Maru (Cheviot) 16.344pts, 2.


Senior: Lisa Upston (Cheviot) 17.586pts, 1; Rochelle Price (Cheviot) 20.324pts, 2.

Junior: Casey Maru (Cheviot) 16.44pts, 1; Rennee Penney (Cheviot) 23.81pts, 2.

Results from the Sefton Shears on Sunday, March 15, 2020:

Open final (12 sheep): Troy Pyper (Amberley) 11min 20.37sec, 40.44pts, 1; Hugh De Lacy (Rangiora) 11min 52.44sec, 44.87pts, 2; Lyall Windleburn (Rangiora) 11min 51.84sec, 51.84pts, 3.

Senior final (7 sheep): Brandon Maguire Ratima (Winton) 9min 8.69sec, 34.01pts, 1; Isaac Duckmanton (Christchurch) 8min 36.78sec, 37.27pts, 2; Chris Malcolm (Winton) 9min 20.31sec, 40.44pts, 3.

Intermediate final (6 sheep): Brayden Clifford (Waikaka) 7min 46.56sec, 27.99pts, 1; Kelly Poehls (Rangiora) 9min 59.62sec, 38.15pts, 2; Matt Hunt (Waikaka) 7min 20.38sec, 38.35pts, 3.


Junior final (3 sheep): Chase Rattray (Ashburton) 5min 27.87sec, 24.06pts, 1; Alice Watson (Blenheim) 6min 17.16sec, 26.86pts, 2; Richard Lancaster (England) 6min 26.75sec, 29.34pts, 3.

Open blades (3 sheep): Noel Handley (Rangiora) 9min 30.69sec, 37.2pts, 1; Isaac Duckmanton (Christchurch) 9min 36.25sec, 44.15pts, 2; Lyall Windleburn (Rangiora) 10min 49.87sec, 89.16pts, 3.