Evan Dick loves Kaitangata and he wants to encourage others to come and experience what the small South Island town has to offer. Little did he realise his efforts would go global!

Dick had a chat to The Country's Jamie Mackay today about his new-found celebrity status and the blinding international spotlight that has focused on a place the locals call "Kai".

There are a lot of people in the country who aren't happy where they are. ..people just actually want to bring their families up in a good safe town and live the kiwi dream.

With a low unemployment rate and cheap housing, Dick believes that Kaitangata offers people a slice of kiwi heaven for a fraction of the cost.

There are jobs going in the dairy factories, freezing works and forestry industry for those who want them.


The Living in Kaitangata Prospectus 2016 has a House and Land Package that starts at $230,000 and is gaining worldwide recognition.

Dick has already sold three sections and he hopes this is just the beginning.

Just to bring him down to earth, Evan has also been on a Farming and Footy Tour in the past with Jamie Mackay.

Apparently he was one of the trouble makers.

Mackay thankfully keeps his stories to himself but that may be because Evan refers to Jamie as 'Fonzie' for some mysterious reason...

Have a listen to Jamie Mackay's interview with Evan Dick in the Soundcloud embed below: