It's the Best of The Country with Rabobank and Jamie Mackay.

Here are the best interviews of the week:

Sir William English:

We salute one of the two long term correspondents to the show who were recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours List. From Dipton farm boy, to the Treasury, to local Southland MP, to Minister of Finance guiding the country through to the GFC, to Prime Minister to Knight. It's been some journey!


Murray Hartin:

We catch up an Australian Bush Poet who wrote a moving piece "Rain from Nowhere" about rural suicide, a sad tale with a happy ending.

Winston Peters:

We ask the Deputy PM about why Jacinda is seemingly so reticent to hand over the reins, why Northland is considered a deprived area despite its natural climatic advantages, why James Shaw is telling us to eat less meat and whether Jim Bolger is changing sides?

Justin Sherrard:

Is a Rabobank Global Sector Strategist who was in NZ last week speaking at a number of events discussing the demand outlook for beef and sheep meat with a focus on millennial consumers and how big a threat to the industry is the growth of alternative proteins?

John Wilson:

We talk to Fonterra's chairman about the season-opening GDT auction result, about the rumours of a takeover of Westland Milk Products and why a former Fonterra director wants his head on a plate.


Listen below: