Social media backlash to terror
Social media backlash to terror

Many social media users have been urging each other not to post the video American journalist James Foley being beheaded…

British man 'likely' behind beheading

David Cameron has said that it is "increasingly likely" that a British jihadist beheaded American journalist James Foley

Kiwi in Gaza calls for end to violence

A call for the fighting in Gaza to stop has come from the Kiwi head of an international aid charity working on the ground. Alex…

Chinese police kill dozens in 'terror gang'

Chinese police have reportedly shot dead dozens of members of a knife-wielding terror gang in the far western home to the…


WWI: Death removed the burden

A day before he was to marry, a deeply depressed Arthur Joseph Best decided he could not go on. The discharged soldier…

Gaza talks collapse as rockets hit

An effort to end a month-long war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza appeared to collapse after Israel walked out of talks…

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Bombing foiled by 'degraded' underwear
Bombing foiled by 'degraded' underwear

A plan to blow up a plane on Christmas Day in 2009 failed because the explosives became 'degraded' after he wore the same…

Syria's Assad sworn in as president
Syria's Assad sworn in as president

Bashar Assad has been sworn in for a third seven-year term as Syria's president, after a vote that effectively excluded…

Dozens killed in Afghanistan attack
Dozens killed in Afghanistan attack

At least 89 people have been killed by a suicide bomber near a busy market and mosque in eastern Afghanistan.

The deadly fate of prostitutes in Iraq
The deadly fate of prostitutes in Iraq

'This is the fate of any prostitution' the inscription warned above a door. Inside the apartment block lay the bodies of…


Isis suspected of new slaughter
Isis suspected of new slaughter

Iraqi officials discovered 50 bodies, many of them blindfolded and with their hands bound, in an agricultural…

UK twin sisters now thought to be in Syria

Two 16-year-old twin sisters from the UK are now thought to be in Syria, and it's thought they may have followed an older…

Kiwis avoid uncharged ban

Kiwis flying from New Zealand to the United States will not be required to undergo strict new security measures being introduced…

Twin sisters flee UK to join terror group

Twin sisters have fled their UK home in the middle of the night and flown to Istanbul to join ISIS fighters in Syria, it's…

Kidnapped Kiwi: 'There was a sense of unreality'
Kidnapped Kiwi: 'There was a sense of unreality'

A former kidnap victim says being held hostage made her feel "invincible" enough to become the CEO of…

US orders tighter airport security

United States authorities fear a new threat to planes from terrorists with explosives that evade detection and have tightened…

'Angel of Woolwich' detained

A UK woman dubbed the "Angel of Woolwich" for confronting the killers of soldier Lee Rigby has been detained under the Mental…

Nigerian military busts abducted girls' terror cell

Nigeria's military says it has busted a terrorist intelligence cell and arrested a businessman who "participated actively"…

Isis claims state, warns of 'jihad era'

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (Isis) has declared the areas it occupies in Iraq and Syria as a new Islamic state…

ISIL claims global Muslim leadership
ISIL claims global Muslim leadership

The jihadist group ISIL is claiming leadership of the world’s Muslims, after a bloody sweep through…

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City spiders getting bigger
City spiders getting bigger

Aussie cities are breeding bigger spiders - spiders that are watching you right now and probably planning to jump onto the…

Chinese cult members in murder trial
Thai army ruler named prime minister
Shorten refutes 1986 rape claim
Hermit for three decades finds a job
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