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Mortgage Rates Provided by

Institution Term Percent
ANZ1 year fixed5.99%
ASB1 year fixed5.99%
Kiwibank1 year fixed5.69%
Westpac1 year fixed5.99%

'Don't give up hope, commute'

the typical Auckland property earns about the same as an entry-level doctor or head of department teacher with responsibility for 10 staff.

The average Auckland home earned nearly $230 a day in the past year - about twice what the average worker made in their…

This house makes $1000 a day...

A three-bedroom North Shore "do-up" has earned its owner nearly $1000 a day - just shy of the salary of a High Court judge…

Savings Rates Provided by

Institution Minimum 1 Year
ANZ $1 4.10%
ASB $1 4.15%
BNZ $1 3.90%
Westpac $1 4.15%

Auckland market 'a ponzi scheme'

Auckland's housing market is a giant Ponzi scheme, one economist says, as residents pay each other to get in, driving prices…