World's oldest person dies
World's oldest person dies

The world's oldest person, a Japanese woman, has died, a few weeks after celebrating her 117th birthday.

Man's face and neck rebuilt in 27 hour procedure
Man's face and neck rebuilt in 27 hour procedure

A hospital known for pioneering face transplant surgery has carried out its most complex operation yet, reconstructing a…

Pregnant TV presenter's hate mail
Pregnant TV presenter's hate mail

A Canadian meteorologist has described on air the hate mail she has received - simply for being pregnant.

Meet the baby born with no nose
Meet the baby born with no nose

Eli Thompson, a 6-pound, 8-ounce baby was born on March 4 with complete congenital arhinia, a 1 in 197 million condition…

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Why was this photo censored?
Why was this photo censored?

The images aim to demystify and destigmatise the female body - to make viewers "realise these are just…

Makeup tests on animals banned

The Government has relented to a campaign to ban animal trials for the second time in a year, this time within the cosmetics…

Bare breasts in solidarity

#FreeTheNipple: Women in Iceland bare breasts in solidarity with trolled student. Activists argue women's breasts shouldn't…

Grace Cormack: Why I hate cooking shows

While New Zealand has a handful of memorable winners, are we now licking the bottom of the bowl for future celebrity chefs?…

Ad for 'ionised alkaline water' made unproven claims
Ad for 'ionised alkaline water' made unproven claims

An advertisement for "ionised alkaline water" has been found to have made unproven claims about health…

Kids allowed a sip of alcohol at risk as teens - study

Children allowed an occasional sip of wine at the dinner table may be more at risk of drinking as teenagers.

Sexual link to throat cancer

Rates of throat cancer have increased sharply in New Zealand since the 1980s and part of the rise may result from a widespread…

I'm a mum at 57

As Elle Macpherson joins a growing trend among older mothers, Antonia Hoyle meets a couple who achieved success with their…

Stress and memory loss a vicious circle

You are not alone if you forgot what you were told 10 minutes ago. Although there may be many causes for short-term memory…

Oliver: Ramsay is 'deeply jealous'
Oliver: Ramsay is 'deeply jealous'

Jamie Oliver has accused Gordon Ramsay of being consumed with envy over his multi-million success, which…

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Shelley Bridgeman Shelley Bridgeman
Is 'child abuse' book okay?

What if some unfit, unthinking parent considers this…

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Lee Suckling: Are we ageist?

Why does age matter so much in our society? Why it…

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Make yes and no count

It’s a mighty fine question to ask oneself: “If I…

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Jill Goldson: How to deal with stingy people

Most of us have had the joy-eroding experience of…

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Additives make sausage roll ... into bin

When I cooked this I knew something was up with the…

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