Live a long, happy life
Live a long, happy life

In Woody Allen's cult classic Sleeper , Allen's character Miles Monroe is cryogenically frozen, then defrosted 200 years…

Fashion: One direction
Fashion: One direction

Step aside, Suzi Quattro. The jumpsuit gets a classy makeover.

Brunch: Bolaven, Mt Eden
Brunch: Bolaven, Mt Eden

The menu was a cool, hand-drawn selection of breakfast options with a Southeast Asian flair.

Art of making memories
Art of making memories

It seems odd to be celebrating the start of a war, rather than the end, and less likely to call the war "great", but there's…

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WWI: Brothers in arms
WWI: Brothers in arms

The shattering crash of the shells began almost as soon as they moved forward. Minenwerfer, German short-range…

Gerard Woodward: Dumplings of fact

Gerard Woodward’s family gave him plenty of material to write about, but it took years to work out how, he tells Linda Herrick…

Book review: The Art of Neil Gaiman

This is a very strange book. It's about Neil Gaiman, so it can probably afford to be.

Book review: The Temporary Gentleman

Sebastian Barry’s latest novel is a narrative of disintegration and self-destruction, written in the most lyrical of language…

Couch potato turned marathon runner makes every step count
Couch potato turned marathon runner makes every step count

Janine Joubert lives by a simple mantra. "Success is not about being better than someone else, it's…

Wendyl wants to know: Saved by its puff, but colouring not ideal

I became a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup addict in the late 70s when I lived in the US for a year on a student exchange. To…

Michele Hewitson interview: Philip Patston

On Tuesday night Philip Patston went to Parliament to collect the inaugural Arts Access Accolade.

Men and women of Great War remembered

New Zealand 100 years ago seems like a foreign country to our modern eyes. Ever the loyal dominion of the British Empire…

Recipe: Hummingbird loaf

These rustic loaves are the ultimate cakes to slice and serve freshly baked. They're deliciously soft in the centre but…

Hope at heart of display
Hope at heart of display

Graphic images show the extremes of life worldwide. Paul Lewis reviews the World Press Photo exhibition…

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Jill Goldson: How to make 'rearranged' families work

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Why do hospitals serve free food?

Hospital food was dissected and debated in the wake… More

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Lee Suckling: The parental helping hand

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Blog: Eating and tweeting

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Tips for tackling nasty tasks

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Something special about low-fat snacks

The problem with many crisps/crackers which are low… More

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An invitation to 'dress like a lady, and drink like a man'

When an email arrived in my inbox recently inviting… More

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What's with kale?

Where the hell did kale come from? Seriously, how… More

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Top tips for a balanced lifestyle

Here are some of the tricks personal trainer Sam Bluemel… More

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