Women can't 'locate vagina'
Women can't 'locate vagina'

Research for gynaecological cancer awareness month shows worrying face of women’s knowledge of diseases’ warning signs.

Does 'magic weightloss' work?
Does 'magic weightloss' work?

Fitness professional Sam Bluemel investigates the 'magic weightloss' options available reveals the dangers that can be associated…

Tea: Why it's time to switch
Tea: Why it's time to switch

Have a glass of wine with dinner - but afterwards you should swap that coffee for a cup of tea if you want to live longer…

Is this the oldest person ever?
Is this the oldest person ever?

A Mexican woman has become the oldest human to have ever lived after reaching the grand old age of 127 - but she lost her…

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Matt Heath: Giving in to your inner slob
Matt Heath: Giving in to your inner slob

Matt Heath writes: I have decided to let myself go completely because true happiness comes with acceptance…

Dave Shaw: Is breakfast overrated?

We've all heard the saying, and I bet most of us have said it: "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day".

Louise Thompson: Do you like your job?

Do you like your job? Do you believe in what you do? Do you feel like you are making the world a teeny tiny bit better as…

Deborah Hill Cone: Love and forgiveness almost always the answer

Deborah Hill Cone writes: Can you all please stop being so mean to my friend Cathy Odgers! She is not some Machiavellian…

Get ready to go around the lake
Get ready to go around the lake

The nation's biggest cycle challenge is in three months, so start training now.

Experimental Ebola drug heals all monkeys in study

An experimental Ebola drug healed all 18 monkeys infected with the deadly virus in a study, boosting hopes that the treatment…

NZers are becoming more bionic

In just over a decade, thousands more older New Zealanders will be a little bit bionic, as more and more hip and knee replacements…

Supplementing the depression fight

Mental health concerns are one of the reasons why people use supplements, but are they really useful? We look at the top…

Scientists reverse bad memories

Traumatic memories could be switched into pleasant recollections with a flash of light, scientists claim.

Medical: Old dope, new tricks
Medical: Old dope, new tricks

Medicinal cannabis is back in the news again after a planned trial to grow it in Norfolk Island was…

A request to Pepsi - cut back on the sugar

India has asked US soft drinks giant PepsiCo to reduce the sugar content of its sodas as the country battles growing levels…

How climate change is bad for your health

Climate change poses a growing health threat, the UN has warned, saying extreme weather and rising temperatures could claim…

Why I chose to end it all: 85-year-old

A NZ great-grandmother suffering from dementia took her own life with her husband at her side just hours after publishing…

Hangovers (partly) to blame on your genes - study

Australian research indicates genetics account for half of the reason why one person wakes up hungover and another not.

1D cure for age unhappiness
1D cure for age unhappiness

Experts on the process of ageing are recommending a dose of One Direction as part of their prescription…

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Making them run faster, jump higher
Making them run faster, jump higher

If athletes were race cars, Professor Michael McGuigan of AUT University's Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand…

Rocks-and-mud runs attract all
Exercise and diet go hand in hand
Can running be bad for you?
Un-processing processed food
More Exercise
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