Couple win lean wedding Couple win lean wedding

A stuntman and his fiancee have won a $70,000 dream…

Couple's heart-stopping wedding Couple's heart-stopping wedding

A Northland couple had a dramatic start to married…

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Blessing for beloved instructor
Blessing for beloved instructor

Show of grief for Les Mills instructor Tony Tuatoko, who died suddenly while taking a class in Wellington yesterday.

'How the hell is that possible?'
'How the hell is that possible?'

Australian model Erin McNaught under fire for posting ab photo four weeks after giving birth.

My life with Stephen Hawking
My life with Stephen Hawking

As the film of their life is released, Jane Hawking recalls how she fell in love with the legendary physicist against the…

New drug rids grandad of melanoma
New drug rids grandad of melanoma

Bob Hill was told he would probably die within six months from incurable melanoma - but that was before he entered a clinical…

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You probably aren't beautiful. It's statistical, not personal.
You probably aren't beautiful. It's statistical, not personal.

You probably aren't beautiful. It's statistical, not personal. Most of us are average, a few of us are…

A year of eating celebrity diets

From Dolly Parton's smelly cabbage soup to Liz Taylor's stinky dip, behind most stars is a mad, fad diet. Writer Rebecca…

Marie Holmes: When people ask 'is that baby yours?'

She is my daughter. I gave birth to her. I nurse her. But she doesn't have any of my genes.

Do you really need carbs to recover from exercise?

Recent research suggests carbohydrate-rich foods may not be helping exercise recovery as previously thought and their potential…

Peter Bromhead: Indebted to my periodontist
Peter Bromhead: Indebted to my periodontist

As an octogenarian, I may have left my run in the romance department a bit late, unless somebody knows…

The most dangerous sex position revealed - study

Meanwhile, the safest position is also the most traditional one.

Women in labour prefer men to push off - research

He might think he is being helpful as he holds your hand while you are in the throes of labour, but he could actually be…

Smart inhaler gives kids 'quality of life'

A trial with 220 Auckland children has proved that a “smart inhaler” that beeps when you forget to puff from it can dramatically…

No breastfeeding - at breastfeed summit

'The irony is unbelievable.' A breastfeeding conference in Scotland told nursing mothers it 'wasn't appropriate' to breastfeed…

Tossing and turning on hot nights...
Tossing and turning on hot nights...

It's midnight, you've been trying to sleep for a couple of hours and you're still sweaty and awake…

Muscle aid helps brain - scientists

A popular muscle-boosting dietary supplement could also be used to protect our brains, New Zealand scientists have found…

Duck soup's benefits no quackery

To maintain overall good health, the Chinese don't usually take vitamin pills or health supplements - they drink soup.

Twelve Questions: Selena Clarke

Renting can be hard for creative people because we want to enhance beauty and you're not allowed to change much, but gardening…

Shaaren Pine: Please don't tell me I was lucky to be adopted

In my almost 40 years, I've only recently been able to talk about adoption honestly and openly. And it is incredibly difficult…

Superfoods of 2015
Superfoods of 2015

Kale, quinoa and kombucha ruled the trendy healthful-food scene in 2014. But what will take center stage…

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Don't use food as a reward
Don't use food as a reward

If you've ever exercised to lose weight, there's a good chance the following thought has crossed your mind: "I worked out…

Exercise not obesity the killer
Fitness fads to try in 2015
Is BMI a measure of health?
Shelley Bridgeman: Don't let gyms suck you in
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