The guide to 'eating for two'
The guide to 'eating for two'

regnant women are understandably confused. So, how do you strike the balance between nutrition and safety, when so many…

Drink alcohol and eat meat to improve male fertility - but cut down on coffee, studies suggest
Drink alcohol and eat meat to improve male fertility - but cut down on coffee, studies suggest

Drinkers reported better sexual function than teetotallers, while meat-eaters had a higher sperm density than vegetarians…

Six strange addictions
Six strange addictions

From eating ice to picking scabs, people can become addicted to all sorts. Here are six of the strangest addictions we've…

How birth season affects personality
How birth season affects personality

Babies born in summer are more likely to suffer mood swings when they grow up, while those born in winter are less likely…

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Do you suffer weekendvy?
Do you suffer weekendvy?

One in three people surveyed admitted lying about what they did at the weekend in a bid to impress friends…

Scientists prove man flu is a real thing

Long dismissed as myth - scientists have found the man flu is a real thing, with men less resistant to pneumonia and other…

Blog: Let's ditch 'kids' food'

We need to ask the questions: Should children be eating the same as adults? And, if so, should we take kids' food off the…

Louise Thompson: How negative people hold you back

The rags to riches entrepreneur Jim Rohn famously said "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with"…

New York Marathon: Blonde leading the blind
New York Marathon: Blonde leading the blind

TV One presenter Greg Boyed and I have co-trained blind Auckland runner Mike Lloyd for the New York…

Workplace workouts work

Companies that promote and help with health, fitness and wellness programmes in the workplace are wise to do so, says Dr…

Sugary drinks might age you as much as smoking - study

Drinking sugary soft drinks may accelerate biological ageing as much as smoking, a study has found.

Ignore negative messages about rapid weight loss - study

Dieters should ignore advice that shedding the kilos slowly is better than rapid weight loss, a new study suggests.

Paul Thomas: Mild alcoholism? It may be good for the boomers

A recent cartoon shows a couple arriving at a dinner party. One of them hands the host a small box with the explanation…

Want healthy pasta? Reheat it
Want healthy pasta? Reheat it

BBC prgramme Trust Me, I'm a Doctor has discovered the process reduces the rise in blood glucose making…

Heart study aims to end guesswork

A study investigating the link between ethnicity and heart size is aiming to take the guesswork out of diagnosing heart…

Skinny mannequins out

Women’s clothing giant Glassons is backtracking on its use of skinny mannequins, apologising to customers for the “unattainable…

'Get rid of skinny mannequins'

A professional women's advocacy organisation is seeking an introduction of a code of practice in the fashion industry to…

World's first case of Google Glass addiction reported

A 31-year-old American was treated for addiction after wearing Google Glass for up to 18 hours a day and even experienced…

First schizophrenia symptoms revealed
First schizophrenia symptoms revealed

An expert has detailed what he believes to be the first warning signs of schizophrenia, and changes…

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On the move
On the move

Measuring your fitness levels with advanced tracking gadgets is growing ever popular — and it’s not just for tech-heads…

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'Healthy' marketing for sports drinks opposed
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