Pair's double engagement joy
Pair's double engagement joy

As Mark Trenberth sat buckled into Auckland's reverse bungy with an engagement ring burning a hole in his pocket, he didn't…

Talk to the Animals: Is this electric shock treatment for dogs?
Talk to the Animals: Is this electric shock treatment for dogs?

My perception of bark collars is that they are a last resort when other less punishing methods of control have been tried…

Parenting on a hire level
Parenting on a hire level

We're in the changing rooms of a West Hollywood gym when I see the book poking out of my friend Kirsten's bag: All Joy and…

How to deal with indecision
How to deal with indecision

We can all relate when someone tells us they just can't make their mind up.

Relationships & Pets

Susan Underwood: Off the leash and running wild
Susan Underwood: Off the leash and running wild

I was recently bitten by an off-the-leash Staffordshire bull terrier in my local park in Orewa.

Lee Suckling: Ten sacrifices worth making in your twenties

Our twenties are supposed to be our formative years. It's the decade we're supposed to find - or create - ourselves. Those…

Tinder tiger selfies harmful

You might have noticed recently that a plague of "selfies" with tigers appears to have overtaken mobile dating app Tinder…

Pet terrier saves family from house fire

In the distance, Natasha O'Brien could hear Jewels, her miniature Jack Russell, barking.

Jill Goldson: When to start dating again
Jill Goldson: When to start dating again

Of course you will still have low times, because that is the nature of the grief process. We can be…

What mums-to-be must know

You can read all the books, go to ante-natal classes and download the latest apps to monitor your pregnancy, but there will…

Can money buy happiness?

If survey data are to be trusted, there's a surprisingly weak relationship between money and happiness. As national incomes…

Whiskas winning advertising cat fight

Whiskas has won the first round of a legal cat fight with the maker of Purina pet food.

Lee Suckling: Kids in bars? No thanks

Sometimes it feels like you have to own a purple dinosaur costume to prove you don’t hate kids. Some kids are great, but…

How marriage makes men fat
How marriage makes men fat

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And it seems that even after a woman has charmed…

Time lapse: Tuatara hatching

With a face only a mother could love - a baby tuatara was captured on film as it hatched out of its egg at Victoria University…

Spy news: Shorty St sizzles in Fiji

Spy finds out what Shortland Street stars are up to in Fiji, and discovers that the boom party times have arrived.

Spy: Most eligible politicians

With the election looming, MP's personal lives are under more scrutiny than ever. There are always plenty of rumours - our…

Jill Goldson: How to make 'rearranged' families work

Seeking advice about this is a good idea. Even though the blended or 'rearranged' family is a very common scenario throughout…

Baby's first word 'tablet' on the rise - study
Baby's first word 'tablet' on the rise - study

Technology has become so ingrained in family life that it’s even started changing the way children speak…

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Wine: New-release wines
Wine: New-release wines

New-release wines continue to be of exceptional quality, which is good news for consumers who can select with confidence…

Rugby boys go back to basics
Review: Sidart, Ponsonby
Top snacks for watching rugby
Tasti meganut bars Tu Meke
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