Louise Thompson: How negative people hold you back
Louise Thompson: How negative people hold you back

The rags to riches entrepreneur Jim Rohn famously said "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with"…

Don't say goodbye...Just ghost
Don't say goodbye...Just ghost

Why make leaving harder than it has to be? People are thrilled that you showed up, but no one really cares that you’re leaving…

Family fights for control of empire
Family fights for control of empire

A sibling rivalry 50 years in the making has exploded into a court battle with the $400 million fortune of the late philanthropist…

Brothers' social skills and wellbeing boosted by siblings
Brothers' social skills and wellbeing boosted by siblings

Boys who grow up with a sibling are more likely to be sympathetic and less selfish toward others, a study has claimed today. A…

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Peter Bromhead: Marital interrogation
Peter Bromhead: Marital interrogation

"There are strong rumours flitting around town that we have separated and you have another young paramour,"…

Annoying mobile phone habits

Making calls on speaker-phone is the most annoying use of mobile phones, according to research on Kiwi travellers' phone…

What do you call yourself if your husband's surname isn't Clooney?

What do you call yourself if your husband's surname is not Clooney, asks Chris Thundow.

Lee Suckling: What are the rules of gay engagement?

Gay engagement shouldn't be any different than straight engagement (after all, that was the point of marriage equality)…

Costly wedding? Likely divorce
Costly wedding? Likely divorce

"A diamond is forever," according to De Beers, but if a couple spends too much on their engagement ring…

Angry? Your toddler can tell

Children can tell when people around them are angry and adjust their behaviour accordingly when they are just fifteen months…

Talk to the Animals: What to do when dogs attack

Sally Hibbard spoke to a leading dog trainer and behavior expert who made it very clear that there is no definitive way…

Are antimicrobial condoms the new frontier against STIs?

Biotech company Starpharma has announced the imminent launch of a condom coated with an antimicrobial chemical known as…

Louise Thompson: The power of the word sorry

Sorry. Sorry sorry sorry. Sorry can be such a powerful word. The ability to know when we are wrong, to make a heartfelt…

Paul Little: When dogs go bad, put them down
Paul Little: When dogs go bad, put them down

I was once at a party where a child was attacked by one of the host's two rottweilers. Fortunately…

Dr Cathy Casey: Don't blame the dog - it's up to us

'It is not the dog's fault" was the message I delivered in my speech when opening the Kennel Club's national dog show at…

Are vaginal orgasms a myth?

There is no such thing as a vaginal orgasm, a clitoral orgasm or even a G-spot, a new study claims.

Porn linked to risky sex habits

Watching pornography has been linked to risky sexual behaviours among teenagers, including not using condoms.

Father shares pain of fatal dog attack

The father of a woman mauled to death by a pair of notoriously aggressive rottweilers told a court he has been "deeply wounded…

Six weirdest weddings ever
Six weirdest weddings ever

Your wedding day is a big deal. The bridal industry knows this, that's why they charge a small fortune…

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What is NZ's best coffee?
What is NZ's best coffee?

Updated Auckland coffee roasters have won out at this year's coffee awards, taking home seven of the nine categories including the…

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