About 10 people made the trip down Virginia Road on Wednesday to take a tour of the Hospice Whanganui facility and see its alterations and add-ons.

It was Hospice Awareness Week open day and the people got to see the increased office space, new training room, added outdoor patio and the new Erson Wing.

In a speech to the visitors, Karen Anderson said that the alterations and add-ons were made possible at the bequest of Fleur and Alan Erson.

Charmaine Puru attended the open day and said that the changes were most welcome.


"One of the major changes is having a bigger family room for whānau and all the extra offices they've got for staff have blown me away," Puru said.

"I've had a few family members come through here, I find the Hospice here like a family too and this new extension has made it much better."

Puru said she had visited Hospice many times.

She has had a brother, sister and niece get help through Hospice Whanganui as well as her Dad.

"With my Dad they provided beds, linen, care and transport, everything, it was brilliant," she said.

"Hospice brought the care to us and they're very much a part of my life."