All I can say to Kerri Hancock (Letters, April 25) is that I love Rotorua just like she does which is why we made it home 35 years ago.

What I and others do not like is the Rotorua Lakes Council's financial mismanagement and the level of increasing debt.

Whether Kerri likes it or not, the council is a business and unfortunately it is a failing business financially because it is living beyond its means.

Effectively, the council is on welfare, surviving by continually taking handouts (loans).


In fact, it is even worse than welfare as these loans will have to be paid back and incur interest payments which amount to millions of dollars annually.

Yes, thousands of Rotorua ratepayers pay rates just to service this debt when this money should be spent on infrastructure.

The council is like a neighbour who takes out numerous loans to buy expensive cars, clothes and overseas trips so on the surface looks like they are doing well, but in fact it is a charade of the worst kind, in my view.

This neighbour is never satisfied and is always trying to impress people. It appears Kerri is happy with the charade but many Rotorua people can see it for what it really is and this will become apparent at the local body elections.

Paul Carpenter


In the comment piece by Merepeka Raukawa-Tait (Opinion, April 24) there are remarks, in my view, that are discriminatory against Israel Folau, due to what he believes and yet it is said sport Australia Boss Kate Palmer said: Discrimination is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated in any sport or recreation environment, at whatever level.

Is this not a double standard?

The comment re Easter - who was it that crucified Jesus? They were the ones who couldn't stand that Jesus spoke out about the same things as Folau has.

People who are uptight about what he's said are doing the same in their own way.


Folau is being put in a position where he could lose his job but Australia's loss will be another country's gain as they will snap him up.

There will be a country that will think if the cap fits, wear it, and if not ignore it.

He hasn't put personal names to any of the things he disagrees with- re a chosen lifestyle and going to hell etc, not like the personal attack he is receiving.

In the column it reads - Israel Folau is a "nasty, self-righteous man".

Why is this? Is it because he has the backbone to speak out about something a lot of people think but wouldn't be brave enough to say?

If people don't like what is on social media - do they have to read it? No.

HJ Goodwin



I thought you are meant to put your kids first, not disadvantage them in life.

To all these parents who won't get their kids vaccinated - why do you think you are in such a privileged position? A healthy life and kids to boot.

A lot of people would give their eye teeth to be in your position and yet you are willing to throw it all away.

It's not if we get an epidemic it's when, so the better prepared we are for it the better.

I agree social media has got a lot to do with the situation. Fear, rumours and downright lies are spread so fast around the world.

Gossip used to be spread by word of mouth but now we're in the digital era it goes worldwide in a couple of clicks.


Stick to the facts - vaccinations work. (Abridged)

Gavin Muir

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