On Tuesday this week my granddaughter and I attended the driver training at the go kart facility at Mamaku.

It was run by Driver Directions with the Rotorua Lakes Council, local police and Rotary.

Despite the terrible weather, what a fantastic day.

All the young learners received first class tuition from all concerned while us older drivers watched on.


The day went of without a hitch and the Rotary ladies put on lunch for all.

It was the first year this function was held here and hopefully it becomes annual fixture here in Rotorua.

Well done all concerned.

WH Sharpe

Government's role?

Thank you to your correspondent Abby Spurdle (Letters, July 12) for raising the issue of the role of central government in supporting the homeless.

Housing Minister Phyl Twyford claimed several days ago that thousands of homeless people throughout New Zealand have been housed.

Would MP Tamati Coffey explain exactly what his Government plans to do to support Rotorua's homeless right now?

Not at the end of winter. (Abridged)

Jackie Evans

Where's the line?

Regarding Rachel Stewart's column (Opinion, July 11) on the subject of the cake baker who refused the custom of a gay couple.

In some small way I'm tempted to agree with Rachel siding with the baker but find that she rides a little too roughshod through one's human rights.

Where do we draw the line?

It maybe okay, as in the case in point, if a decision impinges on one's religious beliefs but what about refusal of service provision if you're not overly fond of someone due to their race, colour or maybe they are clearly a transvestite or transexual or how about they happen to be wearing the wrong sports team's colours?

The latter is flippant maybe but as I say, where to draw the line?

I say bake the cake, provide the service and donate the money to a worthy cause.

William Wright