Traffic out of town turns right into Old Taupo Rd at the new Hemo Gorge roundabout when bound for Toi Ohomai, Springfield and so on.

This backs up traffic coming into town, much as at the Tarawera roundabout now.

The answer is to put in traffic lights. This costs, and lights may be a year away at Tarawera, but the Hemo roundabout will have an abstract sculpture to look at while you wait. Will it symbolise delay?

M E W Collet


Roundabout monument

If we have to have the driver distracting monument at Hemo George roundabout, why is it not being built in timber?


Cycle path plague

After a recent visit to Auckland, I have been made aware of the plight of several cities suffering the plague of "cycle paths".

It is becoming a problem in far too many New Zealand cities - over zealous councils putting in cycle paths to the detriment of car park spaces eventually resulting in a lack of shoppers visiting the CBD. It is already becoming a problem in Rotorua.

We do not/did not need a cycle path through the city. I would suggest that you take the parking in this city a little more seriously than you have shown so far - restore the spaces that were dug up for cyclists - non-existent cyclists, and free up more parking - urgently!