It's bad enough that Gavin Lomas' brother Steven suffered a major stroke that completely changed his life and left him in constant pain.

It's incredibly sad that Steven descended into alcoholism to deal with the physical and emotional pain.

It's tragic that Steven died alone two weeks ago in his Western Heights flat.

What more could life throw at you after that?


Less than two weeks after Steven Lomas died thieves ransacked his home, taking valuable items and breaking windows.

These vultures may well have targeted the place knowing Steven was dead.

Among the items they took were a microwave oven, a deep fat fryer and, unbelievably, his washing machine.

It's hard to believe that these items could be stolen, transported and possibly fenced without anyone raising an eyebrow.

Perhaps, as family friend Nena Rivers says, the community will rally, stick up for each other and come forward.

We know there are plenty of good-hearted people out there - heavily outnumbering the losers who prey on others.

Gavin Lomas, a volunteer firefighter, says he's a great believer in karma. What goes around comes around.

That must be at least some small comfort at a time of such pain - knowing that these "scum of the earth" as he calls them will be called to account at some point.

The thieves and vandals may have taken a lot, and left Gavin in a dark place, but if he can hold on to that glimmer of hope, at least that's something.