I was going to say smoking synthetic cannabis is like playing Russian roulette with your life, but it's not.

It takes guts to play Russian roulette and at least you have a chance and it's instant - no tying up hospital beds, doctors and nurses so law abiding/taxpaying citizens can't get in to hospital, just dig a hole.

To the young people who smoke this stuff, life is full of winners and losers and guess which one you are?

If you think your life is so miserable that you have to smoke this stuff to get some relief try going into a ward for the mentally ill, because that's where you are going to end up if you're lucky.



Gang members not entitled

Let us get one thing clear.

If a gang is made up of "outlaws" then "outlaws" means those who live outside the law.

By definition being an "outlaw" means you are living without the benefits or protection of the established law, and if you no longer wish to abide by the protection or rules of that law then you are not able to claim protection within the law.

This should mean that you may not claim any privileges - you are free of any protection under the law.

You have no rights whatsoever, so how can your human rights be affected?