I had a recent visit to Pitcairn Island and was surprised to find out that the island had a social housing programme.

Before anyone starts to rubbish this - read on. The concept was designed for those really in need, most of the people on the island own their homes.

The idea is that those in need are housed and they can live in the home as long as they need it and the tenancy will cease when they move on or at death. The property then goes back to the Govt and can be reallocated.

The house does not transfer to any children. That could happen but is not automatic.

If a similar concept was adopted in NZ it would certainly be helpful. There, of course, would be the normal agreements between tenant and the state/council. The concept would allow for people who are ageing to live out their last years without worry.

There would be nothing to stop tenants from moving on as circumstances change or having a rent to buy option etc.

The present affordable homes programme in this country is turning into an unaffordable nightmare.

Yes I do think the idea of state housing has merit.

Lake Tarawera


It should not go unnoticed the years of e-waste collection in the BOP region that has amassed in landfills that can be seen from space. The excavation cost of exhuming these valuable materials at pre-mapped co-ordinates would come at a cost of $50m2 and provide a varying amount of return to local councils, with the main benefactor being the electronic and mining industry as a whole.

A breakdown of some of the most common computer materials found in e-waste include gold and silver with more noxious materials being a potential hazard to ground water in the long-term. A scheme that may include an employment and warehousing operation in Rotorua to separate and recycle the important components should be considered as a viable option to dumping as seen at various other councils throughout the world on the internet as an example of the feasibility of such an operation.