I see the Pink and White Terraces have been discovered again. In this case it would be very easy to confirm the location one way or another. All that is needed is for a helicopter to fly in a portable drilling rig and to drill the land over the alleged site. The drill cores would confirm the location one way or another.

It should possibly take less than a day at a cost of say $10,000.

Possibly a benevolent business might be prepared to put up the money or iwi may wish to fund it.

In the case of the other two locations which have been identified as being under the lake, that again is simple to confirm.


Just lower the lake to its original levels prior to the eruption. If the terraces are still there then they will be revealed in all their glory. If not, so what. The eighth wonder of the world. The returns in terms of tourism would far outweigh any costs as the cost again would be minimal. Historically that has to be the decision of iwi.

Let's form an interested group and get into it.


Left in the dark ages

I enjoy reading the ongoing writings on these pages by G.J. Philip (creationism), ably countered by Dr Steve Chou and now Mark Collet (evolution).

Unfortunately GJP has been left in the dark ages, with the teachings and powers of the early churches hanging over him. The incredible and ongoing march of science and learning over the last few centuries has brought to us an enormous amount of knowledge of the evolution of the universe, our planet, and life.

No longer is Earth flat and the centre of the universe, with the sun and stars revolving about it, and with mankind having been created 6000 years ago.

Peter Beck, enlightened dean of Christ Church Cathedral, was asked by a television reporter whether he believed the Canterbury earthquakes were an act of God.

"No such thing," he said. " They are just part of the evolution of the planet."