THE America's Cup has it all - the pressure, the excitement, the nerves and the high expectations of winning - and that's just for those getting up to watch the event on TV.

Emirates Team New Zealand are one win away from wrapping up the America's Cup series and bringing the Auld Mug back to New Zealand.

While the pressure has been pretty intense on the water for both teams, it has been interesting to watch some of my work colleagues when it comes to watching the race. We have some who intently watch and no matter what's going on around them, are glued to the screen until the race is over. Then we have others who look so nervous you'd think they were at the helm about to take on Oracle Team USA.

And then there are the mild-mannered workmates, who normally are the quiet types, whom everyone thinks of as the sweetest persons in the world. They suddenly become obsessed beast-like people. If you step in front of the TV you risk life and limb and God help you if the TV remote somehow disappears - like someone who accidentally has been exposed to too many gamma rays they suddenly turn into a giant green raging Hulk person.


Yes, I'm sure we all know someone like that when it comes to competitive sport.

I'm sure their partners will be glad when the America's Cup concludes so their loving wife or husband returns to that mild-mannered persona.

Until then just make sure the remote is handy, the kids stay out of the way of the TV and please, Dean Barker, make sure this series doesn't take too long to conclude.

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