The Rotorua Work and Income office has reopened after a lockdown today.

A police spokeswoman said police received information that a person had reportedly made threatening comments.

Police were making inquiries in relation to this, she said.

Officers got the call-out to the building on Pukuatua St about 10.30am.


"There is no imminent threat there," she said.

Ministry of Social Development Bay of Plenty Regional Commissioner Mike Bryant said police were called following an incident involving an "alleged threat made against our staff".

"When security incidents occur at our MSD offices, we have a standard process we follow to protect staff, clients, our security guards and members of the public. We followed this process, temporarily went into lockdown while police resolved the matter, and were able to get back to normal quickly," he said.

"We do want to say sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused our clients in Rotorua today, and encourage anyone needing help to give us a call on 0800 559 009 or use their MyMSD app."

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