The man who punched a school teacher in the face and knocked him to the ground is still at large.

Sheldon Tawhiti-Ormsby, 19, from Rotorua, was due to appear in the Tauranga District Court to be sentenced on October 4 but a warrant was issued for his arrest after he failed to appear.

It was the second time he had failed to appear for sentencing. He was originally due to be sentenced in the Rotorua District Court in May and a warrant was issued for his arrest then.

At that time he evaded police until mid-August when he handed himself in.


Today a police spokeswoman confirmed Tawhiti-Ormsby was still on the run.

She encouraged anyone who may see him or have information about his whereabouts to call the police on 105.

In March Tawhiti-Ormsby pleaded guilty in the Rotorua District Court to assaulting Rotorua Intermediate School teacher Alasdair Hay at school pick-up on February 27.

Man who punched teacher arrested after three months on the run
Man who punched Rotorua Intermediate School teacher still on the run from police
Man who punched teacher outside Rotorua Intermediate School still evading police
Man who punched Rotorua school teacher still on the run

Hay suggested a vehicle Tawhiti-Ormsby was a passenger in turn left on to the main road, rather than right crossing traffic to help alleviate traffic build-up. When they failed to do so, Hay then grabbed his phone and took a photo.

Tawhiti-Ormsby got out of the vehicle and "charged" at Hay, punching him to his face with a closed fist and causing him to stumble and fall on the ground.

Tawhiti-Ormsby then got back in the car and it left.

Hay suffered ongoing concussion symptoms including headaches and difficulty with concentration. He also had reduced mobility in his ankle from a chipped bone and was off work for several months.


Tawhiti-Ormsby is now facing two breaches of bail charges and a failure to answer bail charge as well as the assault charge to which he has already pleaded guilty.

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Rotorua Intermediate School principal Garry de Thierry previously told the Rotorua Daily Post it was disappointing Tawhiti-Ormsby was not fronting up, taking responsibility and facing the consequences.

"Everyone wants closure, to be able to move on with their lives. This definitely hinders that progress."

Rotorua Intermediate School principal Garry de Thierry. Photo / File
Rotorua Intermediate School principal Garry de Thierry. Photo / File