We see that the Soundshell and café are now set for demolition (News, March 9)

I wonder how many people give thought to Gordon and Liz Davies for all the hard work that they put into the Soundshell and cafe.

They still run the Lakefront market which is a great success. When they took over the Soundshell many years ago to run it as an indoor market, it was in a rundown state. The kitchen in the café area was nonexistent. Through sheer hard work over a long period of time, they turned it into a wonderful business.

They would not know how many people they helped by letting them have a stall space to sell their crafts. Nothing was ever too much trouble for them in helping people organise their stall. They also got the café under way with no help from the council and it was a very popular place to meet at. I hope that a lot of people will have very good memories of the times spent at the indoor market and the café. Seems to be a real shame to see it all go.


John Gall (ex stall holder)

Capital gains tax

Chris Pattison's plea (Letters March 9) for understanding landlord's aversion to paying tax on capital gains begs, to my mind, the following question;

I pay tax on my WINZ superannuation, my meagre bank deposits and investments to supplement my super and any purchases that incur GST.

I then sell my rental bach to realise a profit to use as supplemental income and do not pay tax on this.

Is this fair?

Joseph Gielen

Water bottling

Why does New Zealand let any company, owned by any country or company, permit water bottling anywhere in the country?

The whole world is awash with plastic. We don't need any more plastic bottles. I suggest a blanket ban on all water bottling proposals.

If places are short of water and New Zealand has a surfeit, water could be exported by tanker to then be put into the local reticulation system.

Brian Pickering
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