Thanks to a pool of donations received in the Rotorua region, Alzheimers NZ is providing $14,000 to support Dementia Lakes' frontline dementia services.

These are just some of the many programmes around the country receiving funding from Alzheimers NZ to support the lives of people living with dementia – more than 70,000 Kiwis, according to the latest estimates.

A total of $400,000 is being directed to these frontline dementia programmes – made possible by donations to Alzheimers NZ from around the country, including some sizeable, one-off donations.

Alzheimers NZ chief executive Catherine Hall said most of the money was being channelled directly into community services in areas where the funds were raised in keeping with returning donations to areas where they were raised.


"This is really pleasing because it means we could return useful funding to local communities around the country to ensure local people living with and affected by dementia get better access to services and support, something of which they are in desperate need."

Hall said it was exciting to partner and collaborate with a number of organisations around the country that could help people living with dementia.

"People living with dementia are some of the most vulnerable in New Zealand and it's very important they get the services and support they need, no matter where they live.

"Together, we all contribute to helping build a more dementia friendly New Zealand."

Dementia Lakes chairwoman Carol Fisher said annual operating costs were $180,000 which meant the money contributed to at least 8 per cent of the service's costs.

She was very pleased and knew people would be to knowing it had been raised and gifted locally.

"Every little bit counts and also money coming this way has raised awareness about the service. It's two-fold."