A large oak tree in Lynmore is set to come down on Monday after an independent arborist report supported its removal.

The oak, on the corner of Hilton Rd and Lynmore Ave, was identified earlier in the year as requiring some pruning work to remove dead branches, clear powerlines and reduce the weight on the main trunk.

After further consideration it was decided to remove the tree all together on February 26 but following public concern the council arranged for an independent arborist report to carry out further checks and provide expert advice for the best way to manage safety issues.

A letter sent to neighbouring residents this week said the independent report "generally supported council's proposal to remove the tree".


Weather permitting, the tree will be removed on Monday. The work is expected to take all day.

John Sherborne, whose property the tree borders, thinks it has to be done.

"The council have been good, they've kept in regular contact and have been very obliging."

Sherborne said his children used to enjoy climbing in the tree and it was a regular play spot in the neighbourhood.

"If it wasn't dangerous, the council would be looking at ways they could fix it, but it has to go.

"If it split down the centre it would fall towards my house, across the street or into the powerlines.

"With all the other trees that have come down around town the council have to look at them, it would be desirable to not see any more major incidents."

Across the street, Peter Benfell has looked out at the large tree for more than 10 years.


"One of these days it's going to split and then it will be like what happened to that poor lady in town," he said.

"I am not opposed to having trees around, but we don't need these huge trees like oak or monkey puzzle trees in the suburbs, they're too large."

Benfell said he had spoken to a few of the neighbours in passing about the tree.

"Most people I've spoken to see it as a good idea, it's got to come down.

"I haven't heard anybody object to it."

He said his great-grandson would be coming to "watch the thing come down".

"I think he will love seeing it."

The council have asked that on Monday road users and pedestrians consider taking alternative routes while the work is taking place.

There will be stop/go traffic management in place.

The removal of this oak tree follows a number of felling projects across the city, including the removal of 23 large eucalyptus trees from Steeles Lane Reserve in February.

On January 5 Rotorua woman Trish Butterworth was killed when Spencer's Oak, on the corner of Arawa and Amohia streets, came down in a storm, crushing her car.