Sorry, readers, I much prefer to write on a more positive note but, as a Friend of the Library - for many years - and a volunteer for a few of those years, I felt the need to share my views of the refurbished Rotorua District Library.

I loved the warm ambiance of the temporary library - as soon as you walked through the door - shelves filled with books, every reader's delight. A reception desk with helpful assistants pointing you in the right direction.

Now, I don't mind being labelled old-fashioned, due to my dislike of the futuristic refurbished library. I liken it to walking into the foyer of a railway station or airport. Having no reception desk, instead, having to chase down an assistant, I feel for those with mobility issues. So much wasted space throughout the three levels and so few books.

My next gripe – parking; what were the architects thinking! Having to drive around the block three times before finding a park, in Fenton St, I was just thankful I didn't have an armful of books to return. Haupapa St is a right shambles; sometimes a street just needs to be practical, not dressed up. So many frustrated book lovers have voiced their opinions to me about the lack of suitable parking for elderly readers and I totally agree with them. Money wasted - yet again - on bad planning.



Science's origins
Mike Byrne (Letters, March 7) summarises the end of the post-modern era perfectly in his new-age, animistic description of the universe. I myself would return to the Bible however, because it is from there our western science originally came.