The following incidents were reported to Rotorua police during the past few days:

Widespread burglaries:

Area prevention manager Inspector Brendon Keenan said there were 10 reported burglaries since Friday and over the weekend.

"Locations were quite widespread with what appears to be opportunist burglars."


The suburbs affected include Hamurana, Atiamuri, Sunnybrook, Mangakakahi, Malfroy, Owhata, and Koutu.

"The property taken appears to be electronic equipment such as PlayStations, laptops, and iPads/phones and also a variety of other items like shoes, bikes, and clothing," Keenan said.

"On several occasions other properties were attempted to be broken into with serious external damage but access not gained."

Bike thefts continue:

Bikes, especially higher-end bikes, continue to be a target for thieves.

"Offenders have often removed locks, and entered secured apartments and dwellings to steal bikes of certain value," Keenan said.

Residents are reminded to be proactive in securing premises, but also keeping such desired items out of views.

"Keep an eye on your neighbour's property, be a property guardian to prevent crime in your street."

Outstanding vehicles

A further four vehicles were stolen over the weekend, from Ngakuru to Kawaha Point.

A black 1998 Mazda Familia, registration DNQ648, a white 2007 Suzuki moped, registration 97YTE, and a blue 2008 Yamaha Jos moped are still outstanding.


Thieves also tried to take a Mitsubishi Galant from the Rotorua Hospital carpark.

The quarterlight was cut out, the lock tampered with and the ignition barrel damaged.

Members of the public are urged to call Rotorua police on (07) 349 9590 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if they have information about the identification of these thieves and the recovery of stolen property.