Vehicle access is to be reduced to the area known as the 'north arm' of Lake Otamangakau near Turangi.

The Taupo Fishery management team have been notified by the Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust of its intention to put a gate across Access Road No. 4, on the western side of the lake.

Access onto the forest lands is being changed to manage health and safety concerns.

While access to boat ramps will not be affected, there will be impacts on people attempting to access Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust land to the north of Lake Otamangakau dam.


Restricted access is expected to take effect from early December and will particularly impact on anglers who previously enjoyed the convenience of remote camping beside the lake.

Taupo Fishery manager Dave Conley recognises the recreational value of access to the north arm of the lake and is working hard to find solutions for anglers.

"We should acknowledge and thank the Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust for previously allowing access, as anglers have enjoyed many years of excellent fishing and camping as a result. The northern arm of the lake offers anglers the opportunity to experience wilderness camping, while still having access to their vehicles and the convenience of a short drive to Turangi.

"We understand the need for the changes to access policy, and are currently working with Genesis Energy, Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust and local hapu to find solutions that will enable anglers to have a similar wilderness camping experience without accessing private forestry land. A 'site visit' last week presented an opportunity to explore how these ideas could work on the ground."

Discussions with stakeholders were under way, but solutions may be some months away, he said.