The inside learner pool and spa area at the Rotorua Aquatic Centre will be temporarily closed from Saturday for maintenance.

The pool was be closed for about eight weeks while work is done to replace the tiles on the bottom of the pool with a softer surface.

Rotorua Aquatic Centre manager David Pearce said the new pool surface is a specially made non-slip padded material made for pools.

The pool closure will coincide with Term 4 swimming lessons so alternative arrangements have been made for the Learn-to-swim lessons. Babies' classes will move to the pool at Cantabria Rest Home and Hospital on Old Taupo Road and pre-school classes will be held at The Blue Baths.


"School age children will move to the deep pool for their lessons and coaches will make the most of the opportunity by incorporating more water safety skills into the classes," said Mr Pearce.

During the closure period the indoor spas will also be closed to the public, for safety reasons, but the indoor 25 metre pool and outdoor pools will remain open.

Swim clubs and recreational swimmers will still be able to use both lane pools but there will be reduced lane space at times.

Maintenance work on the pool will include checking of the underground pipes, refurbishing of the pumps, and servicing of the pool filtration systems.

The work is expected to be completed by early December.

Rotorua Aquatic Centre users can keep tabs on how the pool upgrade is progressing by following the centre's website, Facebook page, or downloading the Rotorua Aquatics app from the app store.

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