A building that has been on Rotorua's map for more than 50 years could take between four to six weeks to demolish depending on the steel reinforcing, according to contractors.

The contractors have told the Rotorua Lakes Council they should have a better idea about the demolition time frame by next week.

Work on demolishing Community House on Haupapa St has moved a step closer as a digger with a "nibbler" attached started crushing the concrete sculpture from the top down.

The building is being demolished by the Rotorua Lakes Council to make way for a new library and community health hub development and extension of Jean Batten Park.


The building was bought by the council in 1993 to provide affordable accommodation for local volunteer and community organisations.

But a potential $2.4 million bill for earthquake strengthening prompted the decision to pull it down instead.

As part of the demolition project all the soft furnishings were removed, with curtains donated to the Curtain Bank and carpet donated to Apumoana Marae.

- Additional reporting by Shauni James